Creative learning for young people across Wandsworth

Cultivate is an education programme working with primary and secondary schools to inspire, involve and educate young people about the creative opportunities in Wandsworth, including creative careers and future skills.

Our aims have evolved from harnessing and engaging young people in regeneration through culture, to ensuring young people have access to cultural learning, creative experiences and awareness of creative careers across the borough, including in areas undergoing regeneration.

The programme started in 2015, with funding from A New Direction (AND) and matched funding from Wandsworth Borough Council and a number of Nine Elm developers. Since its inception the programme has worked with 29 schools and 1 youth centre, 17 cultural organisations, 29 Creative Practitioners  and over 2,600 young people.

In March 2017, AND awarded a third year funding for the programme until the end of March 2018.

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