Book an event

To book an event:

If you would like to book an event in a park or open place, please contact the Events Team with an event proposal before you make an application on our online application system. An event proposal should include ideal date, preferred venue, expected number of attendees, details of any infrastructure and details of proposed activities.

The Events Team must receive the application at least 3 months in advance of the proposed event date. Larger events may require at least 10 to 12 months notice.

Due to the popularity and suitability of our sites, it is not always possible to accommodate all events. Please email¬†or call 020 3959 0015 to discuss your event in the first instance. We will advise what the site hire fee will be for your event during this consultation. A provisional diary booking can be made to secure the venue (this initial booking doesn’t imply full consent for the event).

You can find a list of our venues here.


To make an application:

Once you have discussed your proposal and received initial approval to submit an application, please use the online application system: EventApp. Please contact the Events Team first before using Event App.


To contact the Events Team:

Telephone: 020 3959 0015