We inspect trees in parks, streets and some establishments, and manage the arboricultural maintenance contract. We are arboricultural experts and undertake the day-to-day management of trees. There are about 150,000 trees in Wandsworth.

Email or call 020 3959 0070.


All work done on behalf of Enable is carried out by City Suburban Tree Surgeons.

Our tree plan

Trees are vitally important in towns to improve our quality of life. To help protect trees for future generations, we have produced a tree strategy that covers the status and condition of trees in Wandsworth, sets out guidance on managing tree and encourages local action.

Download our tree strategy

More information

We normally remove street trees if they are dead, dying or dangerous and on rare occasions where it has been shown that a tree is responsible for damage to private buildings or facilities.

We only remove trees where there is no other viable alternative.

Street trees may also be removed as part of developments and highway schemes to allow changes to be made to the highway. When this occurs an alternative site close by is identified to plant a replacement tree.

All street tree sites that become vacant due to a tree removal being carried out under the routine maintenance programme are automatically added to the list for replanting in the forthcoming planting season, which starts in November each year, subject to available funding.

When street trees are felled, a metre-high stump may remain until our contractor is able to access the site with the appropriate equipment to remove it to below ground level. However some vacant street tree sites get temporarily surfaced with tarmac to prevent trip hazards if the site is likely to be vacant for several months.

In some cases a longer time frame is necessary to allow the roots of larger street trees that have been removed, to decay, to permit a new sapling to be planted successfully.

All arboricultural works for Enable are carried out by City Suburban Tree Surgeons.

For other approved contractors, contact the Arboricultural Association:

Arboricultural Association website

Email Arboricultural Association

Telephone: 01242 522 152

  • Inspect street trees on a bi-annual basis and as and when required
  • Maintain street trees by supervising and directing our contractor
  • Investigate the need for work and prepare work programmes, to ensure a reasonable level of safety to comply with all relevant legislation
  • Provide technical expertise, witnesses, advice and respond to street tree-related enquiries
  • Provide 24-hour cover to respond to tree-related emergencies
  • Keep an accurate street tree inventory
  • Inspect and maintain the highway planted areas as and when necessary
  • Process planning applications for Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas for Wandsworth Council.

We offer advice about protected trees, trees on development sites and tree legislation.  Email or call 020 3959 0070.

Problems on properties

We can’t help with tree issues in private/leaseholder gardens, Wandsworth Council housing estates managed by Co-op or RMOs, or schools. You should contact the property owner, association, or head teacher respectively.

Issues on street

For street trees on Red Routes or trunks on roads contact Transport for London’s report a roadworks issue or street fault facility or call 0343 222 1234, minicom: 0845 600 172.

You can also report a street problem council-managed roads.

Streatham and Lambeth cemeteries

Contact Lambeth Council