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“The course was enormously helpful. The lessons were taught in a simple and fun way. I would definitely recommend it to my friends” Photoshop Intensive

“Overall the course was excellent, great teaching style and the other students were great fun” Digital Photography and Photoshop

 ” Really well taught! Hazel has been very helpful and clear to explain anything I needed. I definitely made many progresses” Pottery

”Huge variety in the models. Fast pace. Fun light hearted atmosphere.” Capturing Movement

”An excellent supportive teacher, very inspiring I can’t wait to do another of her courses.” Illustration Intensive

”Very inspiring lots of new techniques to experiment with lovely tutor” Illustration Intensive

”The teacher was brilliant. Very energetic and easy-going. She explained all very clearly. We did some great stuff, really fun!” Digital Design

I am able to develop my own style and at the same time extend the range of what I can do both in exploring new techniques and using new materialsIntroduction to Drawing

The teacher is encouraging and focused on getting the best out of everyone” Introduction to Drawing

“The course was demanding and challenging .. but fun!” Introduction to Watercolour

Professional and inspiring teaching” Life Drawing

I feel I have achieved my personal goals for this 10 week course and will return in January to complete my dummy format ready to submit for the MacMillan Prize” Illustration

..the teaching is holistic for the whole person, including psychologicallyDrawing and Painting

The tutors distinct advice is very helpful and is different for each one of us” Life Drawing

I most enjoyed the feedback I get from my teacher and fellow studentsDrawing and Painting

The critical analyses with a ‘buddy’ was a great idea – I got a lot out of thatAdvanced Oil painting

Excellent laptop presentation of drawing from other cultures to consolidate learning and to stimulate ideas & possible approaches for the 2 figure study” Life Drawing

“I love my Monday evening Pottery” Pottery

“Opportunity to work in clay in a friendly stimulating environment” Pottery

Loved every minute and has inspired me to work from homeBotanical Drawing

“Excellent teaching, which has bought me an absolute beginner self confidence” Screenprinting

“The tutor’s demonstrations are great and inspirational” Beginners Drawing

“I enjoy the pace of the class” Photography for Beginners

Freedom to experiment”   Etching

“I enjoyed learning new techniques and the tutors friendly and encouraging motivation. The class is relaxed and a wonderful atmosphere to be creative” Etching

“Aquiring new skills” Garden Design

“Have learned a lot about design principles and have undertaken a garden sight survey to enable me to produce a design. Tutor very well informed and informative about the whole process” Garden Design



















Putney School of Art & Design

Students Stories: Rachel Hunt


Student Name: Rachel Hunt

Course: Book Illustration

What were you doing before your course?

I have always enjoyed drawing and worked as an Architect before I had my son 6 years ago. Since then I have been stay at home mum but I am now looking to get back in the workplace. I was encouraged to pursue illustration after being shortlisted for the Serco prize for Illustration in 2014. 

I initially thought of enrolling in screen printing at PSAD but as this course was full I chose Book Illustration instead and have not looked back

During your course?

Since enrolling four terms ago, I have developed my style and focussed my goal on becoming a freelance Illustrator. I have also started to sell my work at various events, including an exhibition at ‘Tried & True’, a local café. This has built up my confidence and encouraged me to pursue this path.

Any developments since the activity described or plans for future developments?

My next aim is to build up a portfolio of work to enable me to market my work, possibly finding an agent to represent me. The feedback and encouragement I have been given from the course tutors and from customers I have gained over this period has helped to shape this ambition.

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Students Stories: Stephen Strafford

PSAD- stephen-strafford

Student Name: Stephen Strafford

Course: Pottery all levels

What were you doing before your course?

At one point I was quite ill and I did pottery as rehabilitation and just kept it going.

I’m better now and feel that pottery has helped with that.

During your course?

I’ve been coming to Putney School of Art & Design for 15 years now and really enjoy it. I come to the Mon morning, Tuesday and Thursday morning and afternoon classes. PSAD is fairly unique as there are not many places like this, I also live quite close by. It’s very creative and rewarding; when you eventually have a piece of work that goes right, it is good for your self-confidence.

I’m working on a French tile at the moment and making it for an 80th birthday present.

Any developments since the activity described or plans for future developments?

I’ve had several exhibitions and just want to keep going!

 Students Stories: Lise Herud Braten

Student Name: Lise Herud Braten

Course: Pottery, all levels

What were you doing before your course?

I was running my own business creating bespoke tailored clothes for private clients, but after a traffic accident in 2012 I was forced to slow down, which gave me the opportunity to do a course in pottery. It was something I had always wanted to try, and I loved it, so now I split my time between the tailoring and making ceramics.

During your course?


From never having touched clay, I’m now selling my work and am making a part-time career out of it. I throw and hand build tableware and bigger, more sculptural pieces. I use mixed body clay a lot and also crank, and have a particular interest in surface texture and colours.


Any developments since the activity described or plans for future developments?

I have already exhibited twice with The London Potters Christmas exhibition, as well as the Wandsworth Open Studio’s in Putney and a few other open studio events. I also attend the Kiln Rooms in Peckham where I work independently on more sculptural and non-functional pieces, there I work for up to 18 hours per week.


Other additional information:

Instagram @coloursoftheland


Students Stories: Felicity Ellacombe

Student Name: Felicity Ellacombe

Course: Pottery, all levels

What were you doing before your course?

I did some pottery at Clapham Pottery but I really wanted to work in porcelain and reduction fired pottery using a gas kiln and that was exactly what PSAD has.

During your course?

Porcelain is like throwing ice-cream, so it’s very difficult, your technique needs to be very precise. I have made bowls and a coffee pot, but I wanted to make a ‘moon vase’, which I did but on a smaller scale. I was particularly pleased with my inlayed pieces. I have been attending now for 3 years.

Any developments since the activity described or plans for future developments?

As well as PSAD, I attend Clapham Students Pottery once a week and attend classes with the well-known potter Lisa Hammond MBE.

Other additional information:

I have a website to view my work:

Students Stories: Katharine Rowe

PSAD Katharine Rowe Portrait Jan 16 1

Student Name: Katharine Rowe

Course: Portrait Painting, all levels (Tues a.m.)

What were you doing before your course?

I started painting full time once my children started nursery. I had painted on and off my whole life but without any proper instruction.

During your course?

My courses have taught me the basics from mixing paint properly to using a paintbrush. I have learned a huge amount and gained the confidence to mount exhibitions externally and start selling my work on a regular basis. I keep coming to classes as I love having the input from Adele and it’s great to discuss painting and exhibitions with like minded people.

Any developments since the activity described or plans for future developments?

I have a website showing my latest work and continue to work on various projects.

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Students Stories: Mario Sergio Gonzalez de la Nuez


Student Name: Mario Sergio Gonzalez de la Nuez

Course: Part-time Diploma in Art & Design, Year 1

What were you doing before your course?

I was a printmaker in Havana, where I had my own studio. I fell in love and came to the UK and had to start building new connections and experiences.

During your course?

I’m currently on a two-year Diploma course in Art & Design, in the first year. I wanted to experiment more with different media as I’m a self taught artist and didn’t have the opportunity to go to art school in Havana.

I have learned more through Contextual Studies and my approach to art has changed a lot. I really appreciate older art now; by trying to analyse and think about what was happening with artists and movements at the time. I really enjoy etching and in Visual Studies I have tried new materials e.g. inks, charcoal, chalk and collage, and I use these without any fear.

Any developments since the activity described or plans for future developments?

I’m really enjoying this course and developing my own practice. I hope to continue to live from my work as an artist here in London.

Other additional information:

My website:

The first year show takes place over the whole of Putney School of Art & Design in June. Please contact the school for more information